Front Porch Steps That Were Sinking in Carmel Indiana

Carmel, IN

Our customers front step was sinking. Due to this there was a large gap forming where the step had separated from the front porch. With PolyLevel our polyurethane foam our crew was able to come in and lift and level the step and close the gap that had formed over the years.

More Before and Afters

Concrete garage lip before lifting
Concrete garage lip after lifting

Garage Lip Lift

Lebanon, IN

Transition from driveway to garage was uneven and was causing a tripping hazard.

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Concrete Walkway Repair in Carmel Indiana

Carmel, Indiana

Old concrete doesn't always need to be replaced! Our crew was able to breathe new life in to this customers front walk adding years of life to their already existing concrete.

Sidewalk tripping hazard
Lift and leveled sidewalk

Large Sidewalk Tripping Hazard in Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis, IN

Sidewalks can be a major tripping hazard and that can be very concerning especially when they are in high traffic areas. Sinking uneven concrete can quickly and efficiently be taken care of with our poly lifting system PolyLevel. Take this sidewalk for example with a multiple inch drop lifted up to flush and safe again!

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