Front Walkway Repaid in Noblesville Indiana

Noblesville, Indiana

Our customers front walkway was starting to sink over time. It was getting to a point of becoming a concern as a tripping hazard was starting to form. Our team was able to come in and lift and level it and seal the joints to help maintain the repair. This brought back new life to this concrete and helped remove the tripping hazard.

More Before and Afters

Sunken sun room before lifting and repair
Sunken sun room after lifting and repair

Sunken Sun Room Lifting

Greenwood, IN

Customer had an enclosed sun room out back that the concrete floor in it had started sinking. This was causing issues with water pooling if it got in through the screens. Our crew was able to come in lift and level the concrete floor to help lessen some of the water pooling issues for our customer.

Cracked pool deck before repair
Cracked pool deck after repair and joints sealed with NexusPro

Cracked Pool Deck Repair

Lafayette, IN

Our customer in Lafayette, Indiana had a pool deck with multiple cracks in their concrete pool deck. They were wanting to fix the concrete cracks with a cement crack filler. We were able to come in and seal all the concrete cracks with our silicone based concrete crack sealer NexusPro.


Concrete Walkway Repair in Noblesville Indiana

Noblesville, Indiana

This customers front walk had all of it's joints damaged. This was leaving it open for water to get in between the cracks and leaving it open for future damage. Our team was able to come in and seal all the joints and protect for the future.

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