Full Concrete Driveway Repair and Protect in Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis, IN

Cleaned up our customers driveway, sealed it to be waterproof, and filled the joints.

Driveway before power washing and sealing
Driveway after power washing and sealing

More Before and Afters

Sinking concrete driveway
Repaired sinking driveway

Sinking Driveway Repair

Fishers, IN

Major tripping hazard lifted and stabilized by our team.

Sinking and Uneven Driveway in Danville Indiana

Danville, Indiana

Sinking and uneven driveway slabs can be a huge liability. Our team was able to lift and level this customers driveway to remove those pesky tripping hazards.

Damaged driveway
Repaired driveway

Uneven Sinking Driveway in Zionsville Indiana

Zionsville Indiana

This customers driveway was uneven and sinking. With cracked control joints as well uneven slabs their driveway was left susceptible to further damage. Our crew was able to come in and lift and level their driveway. Once that was done they sealed all the cracks and control joints to help prevent future damage.

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