Sinking Front Step Repair

Fishers, IN

Customer had a concrete front step that was sinking. The concrete step was uneven and a tripping hazard. Their sidewalk from their driveway to their front door was also sinking and not leveled. Our crew was able to come in and lift the sidewalk and front step using our polyurethane foam PolyLevel.

Sinking front step
Repaired sinking front step

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Front Walkway Repaid in Noblesville Indiana

Noblesville, Indiana

Our customers front walkway was starting to sink over time. It was getting to a point of becoming a concern as a tripping hazard was starting to form. Our team was able to come in and lift and level it and seal the joints to help maintain the repair. This brought back new life to this concrete and helped remove the tripping hazard.

Sinking concrete pool deck before repair
Sinking concrete pool deck after repair

Sinking Pool Deck Concrete Repair

Brownsburg, IN

Customer had multiple areas of sinking concrete in their pool deck, which was creating multiple tripping hazards.

Sinking and Uneven Driveway in Danville Indiana

Danville, Indiana

Sinking and uneven driveway slabs can be a huge liability. Our team was able to lift and level this customers driveway to remove those pesky tripping hazards.

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