Cracked and Sinking Driveway

Cicero, IN

Our customers driveway had 2 slabs that were cracked through the middle and sinking. Our crew was able to go out and raise the slabs and seal the crack.

Cracked driveway
Repaired cracked driveway

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Previously Spotty Home Sealant Job Repaired in Carmel Indiana

Carmel, Indiana

After years of at home sealing this pool deck was streaking and in need of care. Our crew did an amazing job not only stabilizing it and removing trip hazards but also getting the previous sealant off that had left streaking due to uneven application.

Driveway before power washing and sealing
Driveway after power washing and sealing

Full Concrete Driveway Repair and Protect in Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis, IN

Cleaned up our customers driveway, sealed it to be waterproof, and filled the joints.

Sidewalk tripping hazard
Lift and leveled sidewalk

Large Sidewalk Tripping Hazard in Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis, IN

Sidewalks can be a major tripping hazard and that can be very concerning especially when they are in high traffic areas. Sinking uneven concrete can quickly and efficiently be taken care of with our poly lifting system PolyLevel. Take this sidewalk for example with a multiple inch drop lifted up to flush and safe again!

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