Back Patio Concrete Step Repair

Greenfield, IN

Customers back patio had multiple cracks we repaired as well as sinking uneven unlevel steps.

Cracked and sunken concrete step before repair
Cracked and sunken concrete step after repair

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Driveway Crack Repair in Plainfield Indiana

Plainfield, IN

Customers driveway had cracked control joints and an additional crack running through it. Our team was able to help with a solution to extend the life of their driveway.

Sinking and uneven stairs before repair
Sinking and uneven stairs after repair

Sinking and Uneven Stair Repair

Avon, IN

Back patio step was sinking and pulling away from customer's home. Because of the sinking, it had become uneven and unlevel as well.

Uneven front steps before repair
Uneven front steps after repair

Lifting Concrete Front Steps

Indianapolis, IN

Customer's front step had sunk so we were able to lift it up over 3 inches.

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