Sinking Front Porch Steps in Carmel Indiana

Carmel, Indiana

Customers front concrete step was sinking and pulling away from their home. The amount it had sunk was creating not only a trip hazard but also allowing water to get down below it and cause it to sink more. Our team not only lifted and leveled it but sealed the joint to prevent water from continuing to get in the cracked joint.

Front Door step before
front door step after


More Before and Afters

Sinking concrete step before repair
Concrete step after lifting and leveling

Concrete Stair Lifting

Indianapolis, IN

Another great job by our team lifting and sealing this crack on our customer's front steps.

Front step before lifting and leveling
Front step after lifting and leveling

Front Step Concrete Lifting

Indianapolis, IN

Lifted steps up closer to original location.

Driveway before power washing and sealing
Driveway after power washing and sealing

Full Concrete Driveway Repair and Protect in Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis, IN

Cleaned up our customers driveway, sealed it to be waterproof, and filled the joints.

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