Garage Leveling and Crack Repair

Carmel, IN


Fixing cracking and sinking in a garage. Water has been leaking in around the bottom of the garage door due to unevenness and voids under the concrete. In addition a large crack had formed across the span of the garage due to the concrete upheaving and that was needing repaired in order to have the garage floor coated.


Our LevelUp Solution was to come in and use our Polylevel to lift and stabilize the garage floor across the entire span of it. By lifting we were able to bring the level flush again with the garage doors to prevent any water in the future coming in under the garage doors. We then added multiple stabilization points with our Ploy to support the concrete and fill the voids found to help prevent any further sinking.

Once that was done we used our NexusPro sealant to seal the crack in the floor to help keep water out as well as prevent it from cracking any further. Once the Nexus sets they will be able to have a coating of their choice placed over top it.

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