Sinking Front Porch Step in Carmel Indiana

Carmel, Indiana

Front steps can sink over time. Our crew was able to lift and level this customers front step and remove the tripping hazard it was becoming.

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Cracking Concrete Pool Deck in Pittsboro Indiana

Pittsboro, Indiana

Customers pool deck had a large crack that formed in it that was continuing to get spread and get worse over time. Our crew used PolyLevel to lift and stabilize the areas around the crack and sealed the crack with Nexus to help prevent it from spreading any further.

Cracked driveway
Repaired cracked driveway

Cracked and Sinking Driveway

Cicero, IN

Our customers driveway had 2 slabs that were cracked through the middle and sinking. Our crew was able to go out and raise the slabs and seal the crack.

Sinking Front Porch Steps in Carmel Indiana

Carmel, Indiana

Customers front concrete step was sinking and pulling away from their home. The amount it had sunk was creating not only a trip hazard but also allowing water to get down below it and cause it to sink more. Our team not only lifted and leveled it but sealed the joint to prevent water from continuing to get in the cracked joint.

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