Front Walkway Repair

Indianapolis, IN

Front walkway up to the house was unsafe with multiple trip hazards. We were able to use PolyLevel, our polyurethane based foam product, to lift and level the side walk back to a safe even surface.

Uneven front walkway before repair
Uneven front walkway after repair

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Cracking Concrete Pool Deck in Pittsboro Indiana

Pittsboro, Indiana

Customers pool deck had a large crack that formed in it that was continuing to get spread and get worse over time. Our crew used PolyLevel to lift and stabilize the areas around the crack and sealed the crack with Nexus to help prevent it from spreading any further.

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Concrete Driveway Tripping Hazard in Brownsburg Indiana

Brownsburg, Indiana

From cracked and sinking to fully protected, our crew did an amazing job adding protection and removing tripping hazards for our customers driveway. Now their child can play basketball safely in their driveway again and their concrete is fully protected.

Sinking concrete driveway
Repaired sinking driveway

Sinking Driveway Repair

Fishers, IN

Major tripping hazard lifted and stabilized by our team.

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