Sinking Front Patio Step in Noblesville Indiana

Noblesville, Indiana

This front step had sunk multiple inches over the years leaving the customer concerned that it might have to be replaced. With PolyLevel our team was able to lift and level their front step back up to a safe distance with their front porch without having to do a full tear out and replace.

More Before and Afters

Concrete patio before lifting and leveling
Concrete patio after lifting and leveling

Concrete Patio Slab Lifted and Leveled

Indianapolis, IN

Patio lifted to be level with stairs.

cracked stamped patio
Repaired cracking patio

Cracked Stamped Decorative Patio in Noblesville Indiana

Noblesville, Indiana

Cracks in concrete occur mostly due to the soil beneath it and either washout or potentially too dry. Cracks are often the first sign there is a bigger issue going on but can be repaired. Our customers stamped patio had a large crack in it. Our crew was able to repair the crack to help prevent it from spreading. Not only that but they did an amazing job with the color match!

Front Porch Steps That Were Sinking in Carmel Indiana

Carmel, IN

Our customers front step was sinking. Due to this there was a large gap forming where the step had separated from the front porch. With PolyLevel our polyurethane foam our crew was able to come in and lift and level the step and close the gap that had formed over the years.

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