Lifting Concrete Front Steps

Indianapolis, IN

Customer's front step had sunk so we were able to lift it up over 3 inches.

Uneven front steps before repair
Uneven front steps after repair

More Before and Afters

Uneven concrete basement floor
Repaired concrete basement floor, lifted and leveled with PolyLevel

Basement Lift

Noblesville, IN

Basement lift and crack repair in Noblesville, Indiana.

Cracking Concrete Pool Deck in Pittsboro Indiana

Pittsboro, Indiana

Customers pool deck had a large crack that formed in it that was continuing to get spread and get worse over time. Our crew used PolyLevel to lift and stabilize the areas around the crack and sealed the crack with Nexus to help prevent it from spreading any further.

Rental property sidewalk before leveling
Rental property sidewalk after leveling

Rental Property Sidewalk Leveling

Indianapolis, IN

Our customer owns a rental property that over time the sidewalk has settled and sunk in places leaving edges of the slabs sticking up causing multiple tripping hazards. They wanted it safer for their renters so had us come out and use our polyurethane foam PolyLevel to lift and level the slabs back up. They also had our crew seal the joints between the slabs with our silicone joint compound NexusPro to prevent water from getting down in between the slabs and preventing future wash out.

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