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Will DecoShield damage grass or plants?

No, DecoShield is environmentally friendly, self-neutralizing and non-harmful to plants and animals. It is also biodegradable, low odor and non-flammable.

More FAQs

  • What is the DecoShield System?

    The DecoShield System enhances the look of the concrete through a translucent stain and protects the surface against damaging elements while avoiding the pitfalls of other color-enhancing products. It consists of three primary components: The DecoShield Etch, DecoShield Colorant + Hardener and DecoShield Sealer. DecoShield Etch is used to prep and clean the concrete using a self-neutralizing, environmentally friendly acid. DecoShield Colorant + Hardener is a penetrating concrete dye that bonds directly into the concrete through silicate hardeners, providing a long-lasting and aesthetically appealing color that builds with each layer. Finally, DecoShield Sealer is a topical, wet-look finish sealer that locks in the color and protects the concrete from weather and every-day wear and tear.

  • Who is DecoShield a good solution for?

    DecoShield is a great choice for property owners who want to improve curb appeal while protecting their concrete. DecoShield can minimize the appearance of mismatched concrete and pre-existing stains or just add a pop of color.

  • How does DecoShield compare to other sealers or stain solutions?

    The most common alternatives to DecoShield are topical acrylic-based sealers and acid staining. Acrylic-based sealers can be easy to install—they’re just painted onto the surface—but because they sit on top of the concrete, they are subject to abrasion and weather, leading them to flake and chip, often in less than a year.

    Acid staining provides a more permanent color as it involves a chemical reaction inside the concrete. But the color cannot be guaranteed, and they use harsh chemicals that require care while handling. Installs often take multiple days due to dry times and the acid must be neutralized before sealing the surface.

  • What benefits does the DecoShield System provide?
    • Long-lasting, rich, translucent color (think stain vs. paint)
    • Ability to minimize mismatched concrete from slabs being poured at different times
    • Ability to minimize pre-existing stains
    • Protection against damage from freeze/thaw, salt, oil, chemicals and mildew
    • Reapplication of clear sealer only ever 2-3 years
  • Is DecoShield UV stable?

    Yes. All products in the DecoShield System are UV stable and will not yellow with exposure to sunlight.

  • How long does a DecoShield install take?

    It typically takes a day to install the DecoShield system. Areas over 1500 square feet could require additional time.

  • What does DecoShield look like when finished?

    The DecoShield Color is a pigmented, translucent concrete dye, as opposed to a paint. It colors the concrete like how a stain would color wood, absorbing at different rates on different types and finishes of concrete (broom vs. smooth trowel, slabs poured at different times, etc.) and allowing some natural variability to show through. No two installs will look the same. The DecoShield Sealer is glossy, providing a sheen or “wet look” to the area.

  • Will DecoShield cover existing stains?

    DecoShield will minimize the appearance of existing stains on the concrete. Lighter stains will often become undetectable, but we cannot guarantee they will completely disappear.

  • Will DecoShield help blend mismatched concrete?

    Yes, DecoShield can help with mismatched concrete. The darker the color of DecoShield used, the greater the chance of a seamless appearance.

  • How long does DecoShield last?

    The DecoShield color bonds directly into the concrete and is permanent, provided that the protective sealer is maintained. The DecoShield Sealer will last approximately 2-3 years, depending on exposure to traffic and direct sunlight. We recommend having the sealer reapplied every two years to ensure the concrete and the color are protected.

  • What colors does DecoShield come in?

    DecoShield comes in 4 tint options: Caramel, Gray, Sand, and Walnut.

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