Uneven and sunken concrete sidewalk

Can SealantPro work with concrete lifted with PolyLevel™?

Yes. In fact, we recommend that our PolyLevel customers protect their newly lifted concrete with our SealantPro solution, as it will help protect their concrete for many years to come.

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  • What is SealantPro and what makes it better than the alternatives?

    SealantPro is a highly versatile siliconate-based, penetrating concrete sealant. Its primary function is to keep moisture, and other chemicals from being absorbed into the concrete, which can cause it to deteriorate, particularly through freeze/thaw cycles.

    Because SealantPro is reactive, it causes a chemical reaction inside the substrate (concrete, etc.) when it’s applied. That creates a new internal structure that acts like a shield to reduce water from coming in. Topical sealers work from the outside in because they sit on the surface and prevent water from penetrating, whereas SealantPro creates an interior shield to protect the concrete.

    SealantPro has a very high solid content compared to other sealants (in some cases, up to 33% more), which means that a higher concentration is left in the concrete once other solvents and carriers evaporate, enhancing coverage and durability. It is also water-based rather than solvent-based, resulting in minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC) and no significant biproducts that are dangerous or damaging to the environment.

    It requires just a single application and penetrates up to 1/4-inch – preventing a slippery surface. Once cured, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and never needs to be reapplied."

  • What are the advantages of SealantPro?
    • Permanently protects concrete from water penetration with just one application
    • Protects and adds value to the home by extending the life of driveways, pool decks and other concrete structures
    • Penetrates concrete and permanently bonds with it on a molecular level
    • Cures in just 6 hours, so concrete can be trafficked within the same day
    • Can be applied to new concrete
    • Costs less over time because it does not need to be reapplied
    • High pH level greatly reduces mold and mildew growth
    • UV resistant and won’t discolor over time
    • Limits materials from penetrating the concrete’s pores, allowing for more productive stain
    • Dries clear and matte; won’t impact curb appeal or create a slippery, shiny surface
    • Formulation is environmentally friendly
    • Can be used as a primer prior to painting, topical sealant or flooring installation"
  • Does SealantPro work on…?

    SealantPro can be used on any concrete surface where no other sealer is present and water can be absorbed evenly. SealantPro must be able to penetrate the pores of the concrete in order for the chemical reaction and subsequent bond to occur.

    A simple water test is the best way to see if SealantPro can seal a concrete slab. If water can penetrate, SealantPro can penetrate; if not, or if it does so extremely slowly, it is not advised.

    SealantPro can stain or permanently damage glass, plastic, aluminum or other metals. Immediately flush these surfaces with water if they come in contact with SealantPro.

  • How is SealantPro applied?

    The SealantPro installation process is thorough, detailed and proven. Each step is critical to ensuring the intended effect and no aesthetic damage, and experts are trained to optimize environmental and functional circumstances.

    Here’s an overview of the process: Following a pre-job inspection of the work site, a commercial pressure washer, turbo nozzle and rotary surface cleaner are used to prepare the pores of the concrete for the SealantPro application. Next, the deep penetrating sealant is applied evenly to the surface with a high-quality pump sprayer. A broom is used to work the product into the surface, with the grain of the concrete, to avoid standing puddles and ensure a neat, quality finish.

  • How long does SealantPro take to cure? How quickly can concrete be used after it’s applied?

    SealantPro cures in 4 to 6 hours. Concrete can be trafficked as usual within the same day.

  • Is there a recommended waiting time before applying SealantPro to new concrete, like a newly poured driveway?

    SealantPro can be used as a curing agent, although it is not specifically intended for such an application. When using it on new concrete, make sure the pour is firm to the touch, and all the excess water has been worked out. It should be applied at the same rate as it is to older concrete.

    It is important to note that newer concrete may not exhibit the same beading effect, as when placed on older concrete. This is because the SealantPro mixes with the water in the new concrete and is dispersed throughout the concrete, rather than staying close to the surface. This is actually better for the longevity of the SealantPro product.

  • How often does SealantPro need to be applied?

    SealantPro only needs to be applied once to last for the concrete’s lifetime.

  • Does SealantPro wear away?

    No. Because SealantPro penetrates 1/4” into the surface and bonds with concrete on a molecular level, it will not wear away unless more than 1/4” of the concrete surface is removed.

  • Will SealantPro always make water bead?

    SealantPro will cause water to bead up on the surface immediately after application and for a couple of weeks following. The product remains permanently bound to the concrete whether or not water beads on the surface.

  • Will SealantPro protect the concrete from staining?

    SealantPro helps make stains easier to remove by preventing them from penetrating deep into the concrete. Surface stains can still occur and should be cleaned as soon as possible for best results. It’s important to note that any existing concrete stains that cannot be removed with a power washer will be permanently sealed in when SealantPro is applied.

  • Can something be applied on top of SealantPro?

    Yes, SealantPro can be used as a breathable primer for a topical sealer (acrylic, urethane, epoxy, etc.), paint, and adhesives, epoxies or mastics. It is best used with a breathable topical sealant to create an extra layer of protection from clouding and film separation. Likewise, the life of a painted concrete surface is greatly extended by applying SealantPro first—decreasing the eventual separation of paint from a concrete surface caused by excessive moisture working its way through the substrate. The same is true for adhesion of hardwood flooring, carpet, linoleum, tile, backer-board, etc.

    Because SealantPro is designed to discourage water and other liquids from penetrating the substrate, it is not an ideal base for concrete stains, many of which are water-based and in fact designed to penetrate the concrete. Some solvent-based stains have been seen to penetrate “enough,” but are not recommended. SealantPro can be applied after hydrophilic concrete stains to prevent fading over time, but is not recommended for use atop hydrophobic stains, as it would not be able to penetrate the surface as it is intended.

  • Is SealantPro expensive?

    SealantPro is actually quite cost-effective because it offers a permanent solution unlike the cheaper urethane-based products available at big-box DIY stores that must be reapplied regularly.

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