Rental Property Sidewalk Repair

Indianapolis, IN

Jack it up
Oftentimes, using a jack can help the crew get better access to lift slabs for better leveling.
During clean up
Here is during clean up. You can see the holes have been filled and are drying and the crew has applied Nexus to the joints to keep water out.
Cut the slabs
When it comes to sidewalk lifting, sometimes the crew has to cut slabs apart. Oftentimes, sidewalk slabs can be poured more than one at a time. However, when it comes to lifting them, uneven lifts can result. So the crew goes in and cuts at the joints to get a better ability for an even lift.
After install
Here is the final stretch before the guys do a final clean up on the drill locations. The remainder of the work has been done and the trip hazards have now been removed.

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