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We Want to Redefine the Industry!

By Milena Cook / Published on August 4, 2021 /

A LevelUp technician shaking hands with residential homeowner

We are believers.

Many reading this have likely had work done on their own homes by a contractor or know someone who has. How often can we say those experiences have been stellar? Few, we suspect, if any. In fact when most homeowners work with contractors in the Indianapolis area, they feel they’re an inconvenience.

It’s not uncommon to experience contractors who don’t show up on time, if at all, don’t leave an estimate, don’t return calls and don’t clean up after themselves. The list goes on.

We think that’s ridiculous. We believe the homeowner experience can and should be more. We envision a world where every single “touch” from the contractor not only exceeds expectations, but creates new expectations for how a homeowner should be treated.

We are raising the standard!

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