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Complete Curb Appeal

By Milena Cook / Published on August 30, 2022 /

Concrete sidewalk after DecoShield installation

As homeowners, we do so much to protect the curb appeal of our homes. Landscaping, lighting, paint, lawn maintenance… the list goes on. One area that is often overlooked as we think about curb appeal is our concrete. This tends to be the case because we just assume there isn’t much that can be done to improve its appearance, and it seems so permanent. That, however, isn’t true. Depending on the type of concrete you have around your home and the conditions that it is in, you can improve its appearance and protect it in several ways.

  • Settled concrete can be leveled, and cracks can be repaired with UV-resistant, color-matched caulks.
  • Stamped and aggregate concrete can be sealed with solvent-based sealers to restore color and shine.
  • Brushed concrete can be stained in a variety of colors and tints with decorative sealers like DecoShield to provide a translucent pop of color and long-lasting protection. This is great for transforming boring, brushed concrete patios into beautiful extensions of your backyard landscape.
  • Stains from oil and dirt, as well as mismatched concrete slabs, can also be minimized with decorative stain and seal products.
  • Control joints can be caulked with color-matched caulks to create a clean seamless layer of protection between your slab.

Each of these solutions offers a unique way to enhance the concrete surfaces around your home, while also protecting its form and function. From now on, when you think about your home’s curb appeal, think about how enhancing your concrete might just be the finishing tough it needs.

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